The good work your non-profit does would be impossible without funding support. But today, the competition for such support — whether from corporations, large foundations or individuals — is more intense than ever.

That’s why so many non-profits are seeking outside professional fundraising assistance, like that provided by Mission Advancement Services. We can help you make the most of your fundraising efforts, and get the funding your mission deserves.

We understand the Art of Asking.

MAS offers assistance in:

Annual Appeals

With sustainability in mind, annual appeals help raise the funds needed to support organizations into the future. MAS will evaluate your donor’s giving patterns and help you devise a strategic plan to expand your donor base and secure gifts towards your goal.

“While I always had confidence that our parishioners would respond and be generous to our effort, I could not have imagined the level and extent we were able to reach so many people. It was because of your guidance and counsel in formulating our goals and objectives, preparing the necessary materials and providing the hands on implementation that we were able to achieve such success. You truly reflect a deep understanding of your motto, ‘At the Heart of Charity is Love’.

Msgr. Joseph Gentili Pastor at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish
Increased Offertory Programs

With sustainability in mind, annual appeals help raise the funds needed to support organizations into the future. MAS will evaluate your donor’s giving patterns and help you devise a strategic plan to expand your donor base and secure gifts towards your goal.

“Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Parish is very pleased with the results of our Increased Offertory Campaign. We saw an increase in Sunday contributions and e-giving participants. The strong action plan developed by CFGP was helpful in the process of soliciting our parishioners. The communication between CFGP and the Parish Office assisted to promote a positive campaign outcome.”

Tammy W. Brock Business Manager, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Parish
Stewardship Programs

The foundation of every parish community is strong stewardship. MAS provides you with the tools you need to acquire and cultivate dedicated volunteers and increase parishioner involvement in parish activities.

Feasibility Studies

The precursor to an appeal or campaign, feasibility studies identify the needs of your organization and its potential for fundraising. MAS conducts confidential interviews with potential donors and staff to ensure an attainable fundraising goal is set.

Capital Campaigns

Organizations striving to raise funds for a specific project should consider conducting a Capital Campaign. These campaigns are intensive fundraising efforts for a defined need within a specified time period. Our MAS consultants will devise a strategy for your organization that will ensure strong leadership throughout your campaign to ultimately reach your goal.

“The success achieved in reaching our $1 million goal for the Restore St. John the Baptist Church Campaign makes our parish stronger. The success makes it stronger not only because we are able to pay for the critical restoration without incurring debt, but because it gives our community courage – courage to face our many challenges in ministry together. The Catholic Foundation…provided us with a realistic and customized campaign plan that worked. The plan provided what we needed: an on-site coordinator who provided both organization and motivation to our committee; a timeline with benchmarks to achieve…and first rate promotional materials that inspired people with a worthy case for giving. If you are considering a capital campaign for your parish or organization, I would recommend The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia.”

Msgr. Lawrence Pastor at St. John the Baptist Parish
Major Gift Consulting

Enhance the outcome of your fundraising efforts by securing major gifts from donors who support your cause. MAS can help you identify, cultivate and manage potential individuals who can greatly impact your fundraising goals. Our consultants will ensure your staff is well versed in how to engage with major gift prospects and secure the gifts you need.

Prospect Research

It’s important to understand as much about your prospects and donors as possible. We can help with conducting prospect research and wealth screenings so that you can be well-informed as you carry out each of your development efforts.

Planned Giving

Many are unaware of the potential of planned gifts. They are widely underestimated, yet serve as a major source of large financial gifts. The technical aspects of some gifts, such as those that employ estate and tax planning techniques, or provide donors with lifelong income, may seem complicated. CFGP’s MAS will educate your organization on the importance of planned gifts and the best way to secure them. CFGP’s professional staff can help your organization accept gifts of any level of complexity.

Real Property

Land and the structures that are permanently affixed to it.

Raw land, residential property, investment property: apartments, office buildings, and shopping centers; commercial property: industrial property, hotels, recreational parks, and RV parks; farms and agricultural property.

Real property also includes the natural resources that might accompany the land such as timber, coal, oil and gas, and minerals.

Tangible Personal Property

Any property, other than land or buildings, that can be seen or touched

Artworks, jewelry, gems, antiques and other collectibles; motor vehicles, watercraft and aircraft; livestock, harvested crops, cut timber, and other agricultural products; as well as items of business inventory or equipment.

Intangible Personal Property

Personal property whose value stems from its intangible elements rather than from its specific physical elements.

Copyright, literary, musical, or artistic composition; patent, invention, formula, process, design, pattern, or trademark, trade name, or brand name; franchise, license, or contract; method, program, system, procedure, campaign, survey, study, forecast, estimate, customer list, or technical data.

Grant Writing

Writing a grant proposal can be challenging and time consuming, but MAS makes writing grants easy. Our MAS consultants will work with your organization to evaluate your program objectives and needs. A MAS consultant will develop and write a detailed proposal narrative and submit your proposal, all while working closely with your staff to ensure your mission is the focal point of the process.

“Our school’s grant committee has enjoyed working with CFGP over the past two years in each step of the grant writing application process. Knowing our school’s goals, CFGP has guided us from researching possible funding sources, to writing, formatting, editing, and submitting each proposal. Because of our success we are thrilled to be working with them again this 2015-2016 school year!”

Kathy Eross Fourth Grade Teacher, St. Agnes Catholic School
Grant Research

Need help identifying prospective funders? No problem. MAS also offers a grant research service that handles one of the most important steps in the grant writing process. MAS will conduct thorough research to determine the best potential funders to submit your request to, while helping to identify new funders for your organization to contact.

Board Management

In order for an organization to thrive, it must have strong leadership. This begins with building a Board that is committed to seeing your organization succeed. MAS will provide you with tools and tips to help instruct your leaders on how to govern more effectively. This includes fundraising orientation and training, evaluation of Board objectives, and how to select prospective Board members, which is critical to ensuring your organization’s long-term success.

Event Planning

Let MAS help you plan your next event. Whether you’re hosting a cocktail reception, dinner party or major fundraising event, MAS will provide you with a consultant that will oversee both the creation and execution of your event. Services can include venue and menu selection, invitation design, on-site consultant and so much more.

“I have worked very closely with the Foundation for several years as the Chairperson of the Seminary Gala Fundraiser.  I couldn’t possibly find a better partner!  With their expertise and assistance we not only raised an enormous amount of funds for the Seminary but we were able to efficiently execute and sustain our momentum from one year to the next”

Lucille Francesco Chair, St. Charles Borromeo Seminary Gala
Volunteer Training

Volunteers are the backbone of any organization; they let you know that your mission is supported and valued. MAS will educate your staff on how to cultivate and retain volunteers, create tailored training plans, and provide incentive suggestions to keep your volunteers feeling respected and happy.

Marketing Consulting

In most cases, marketing is one of the biggest departments within a business. Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to grow their marketing department to the level they would like. With MAS, you can get the help you need to market your mission effectively. This service covers all of the primary components of a strong marketing strategy, including social media management, email marketing, content marketing and website development.


Generating persuasive, quality content is extremely important to bolster the mission of any organization. It is your chance to convey your mission to potential donors in a clear and enticing way. MAS will create compelling content for your organization to use in your brochures, on your website, and in other collateral pieces.

Data Management

Does your organization need an extra set of hands in managing your donor data? CFGP’s MAS will provide you with assistance in nurturing and managing your leads and current donors. This service also includes a confidentiality policy, so you never have to worry about your donor information being shared.